Surplus Equipment For Sale
Surplus Equipment For Sale

We are selling a range of equipment that we no longer use. The equipment is being offered at significantly reduced prices, so if you’re interested in collecting good quality data at a great cost/benefit for your projects, we’d love to hear from you.

Some information and boundary conditions (Terms and conditions of sale) because we are not commercial sellers of such equipment.
  1. All equipment is in very good, serviceable condition, some items are in a new, unused condition (see individual lot numbers for more details below).
  2. Sale prices are negotiable and offers are welcome
  3. The equipment will only sold as lot numbers and not as individual items.
  4. All equipment within each lot number is sold as is. Owing to the significant reduction in price, there is no warranty, guarantee or return-of-item.
  5. We can provide additional information about the equipment upon request.
  6. Cost of shipping is not included in the price. Shipping costs/transport insurances will be determined and covered by the buyer.
  7. Expertise and knowledge of drone technical systems as well as piloting experience is required for using this system.
  8. If you are interested in any of the lot numbers please write us at:


Summary of lot numbers (Scroll down for details):
  • Lot 1 – DJI Spreading Wings, S800 EVO Drone
  • Lot 2 – GPS Base Station and RTK Rover
  • Lot 3 – Optech long range laser scanner ILRIS 3D LR
  • Lot 4 – Field monitoring equipment (e.g. sensors, loggers, wireless loggers)



LOT 1 – DJI Drone S800 EVO

The S800 EVO was purchased in 2014 from Grischa Modelbau for the purpose of evaluating drone-based photogrammetric applications. The S800 EVO has <10 hours flight time and is in near new condition. As the test payload was an EOS 5D camera (with custom built IR triggering device for photo acquisition), both the telemetry system and IMU were upgraded to provide an increased level of performance compared to the factory standard.

Lot 1 component equipment:

  • DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO
  • PhotoShipOne 3X PRO V2 gimble
  • PhotoShipOne S800 Conversion kit
  • RC Flash Photo trigger system
  • Tarot stabilisation system
  • Cloverleaf 4 leaf 5.8GHz FPV Reciever
  • Cloverleaf 3 leaf 5.8GHz Sender
  • DJI 5.8GHz video link adapter
  • DJI Wookong-M GPS
  • Jeti Duplex DS-16 (control system)
  • Jeti/Monitor body support system
  • Black Pearl 7″ HD Diversity monitor with sun hood
  • Lipo batteries are not included

Total new price in 2014:   13’053 CHF

Sale price: 3’500 CHF

(Excl. MWST/VAT if applicable)



LOT 2 – GPS Base Station and RTK Rover, AgCellent (TRIMBLE)

The Base station/RTK rover was supplied by the German company AgCellent and the system is built on a trimble chipset. Specification of the system can be downloaded here. The system consists of the following basic components, all accessories are not listed (but see photographs below)

  • Geo-kombi base station (with Trimble Zephyr Geodetic Model 2)
  • Geo kombi RTK rover (with Trimble Zephyr Model 2)
  • Handheld Z7 controller
  • Mobile GIS software from TRIMBLE (language de)

Total new price in 2012:   21’053 CHF

Sale price: 4’200 CHF

(Excl. MWST/VAT if applicable)


LOT 3 – OPTECH ILRIS 3D LR laser scanner

The Optech ILRIS 3D LR (long range) laser scanner was manufactured in August 2013 (Serial Number 10478) and has a yellow coloured housing, which we requested at the time of ordering. As this laser scanner was the youngest of three systems it was used for a low volume of lidar acquisitions (Hence, the laser has many more hours of operational capability). Specification of the system can be downloaded here.

The system is in very good condition and in full working order. Components include:

  • ILRIS 3D LR Laser Scanner
  • TRIMBLE Recon blue tooth remote controller
  • Antenna (+ 1 spare), mains power connector and cables
  • ILRIS GPS/Camera mount kit
  • Robust aluminium Tilt table
  • Heavy duty (Pelican) flight case

Total new price in 2013:   80’000 CHF

Sale price: 12’500 CHF

(Excl. MWST/VAT if applicable)


LOT 4 – Field monitoring equipment

A variety of field monitoring equipment is offered in lot 4 including crackmeters, temperature sensors, wired loggers, wireless logging systems and cabling. Electronics know-how is required to set-up and configure the equipment. The loadsensing wireless logging system is quite user friendly (more or less plug and play), however the  original modems in the data gateways need to be changed because Loadsensing no longer supports those models.

Total new price in 2012-2016:   40’000 CHF

Sale price: 15’000 CHF

(Excl. MWST/VAT if applicable)


  • Letrona double-wall, lockable weather proof housing (dimensions 00x00x00cm)
  • Steel, zinc galvanised mast, 2.0m with heavy duty mounting base
  • 2x SISGEO vibrating wire crackmeters (without connectors). Very good condition used.
  • 4x New Celio LVDT crackmeters, with extension kit. New condition.
  • 2x SISGEO hydraulic pressure cells. 1 unit is new, the other is used in very good condition.
  • 2x 50m (XX), silicon rubber sheathed cable with connectors (for 2 New Celio LVDT crackmeters). New condition.
  • 2x 30m (XX) silicon rubber sheathed cable with connectors (for 2 New Celio LVDT crackmeters). New condition.
  • 2 sets of 3x PT100 temperature sensor, with 30m siliconised rubber sheath cable with connectors. The 3x PT100 temp sensors are configured for a 1.0m bore hole (new custom built). New condition.
  • 2 sets of 2x PT100 temperature sensors  with converters, compatible with Loadsensing LSB12 wireless logger. New condition, custom built .
  • 2x CR1000 Campbell dataloggers with ethernet/flash modules. New condition.
  • 3x Loadsensing router/data gateways 2.4GHz. 2 units in very good condition, 1 is used.
  • Ubiquiti long range Wifi (5km), 2x dish antennae
  • 2x Loadsensing LSREP2 wireless repeaters
  • 2x Loadsensing LSB12 wireless loggers (configured for temperature sensor application).
  • 2x Loadsensing LSVW2 vibrating wire, wireless loggers.
  • 2x Loadsensing LSPOT2 wireless loggers  (configured for LVDT applications).