What do we do?
What do we do?

 Hazard Vulnerability Risk Assessment

  • We undertake regional to local hazard, vulnerability, risk assessments (HVRAs) for geological and hydro-meteorological hazards
  • We produce hazard inventories based on field mapping and analysis of high resolution satellite, aerial and terrestrial remote sensing
  • We undertake field monitoring, where we measure and interpret the behaviour and trigger response of geological and hydro-meteorological hazards
  • We produce hazard zonation maps for use in planning, and a range of hazard intensity maps  for analysing vulnerability
  • We construct hazard and risk scenarios at different scales using both empirical and state-of-art numerical methods.
  • We use hazard and risk scenarios to support preparedness planning, and the design of mitigation and prevention measures, such as early warning.

Early Warning Systems & Hazard Monitoring

  • We develop early warning systems, and support operational implementation
  • We develop information monitoring systems for geological and hydro-meteorological hazards

Training, Research and Consulting

  • We undertake technical training and capacity development in hazard risk vulnerability assessment, hazard monitoring and early warning
  • We undertake scientific research services for gaining a more thorough understanding of hazards and mechanisms leading to elevated risk and vulnerability
  • We develop methods and technologies for new and challenging problems in disaster risk management
  • We offer expert advice and second opinions on geological and hydro-meteorological hazard, risk, vulnerability and early warning

Terrasense cooperates with and supports disaster risk management activities with state and federal government departments and agencies, international and local NGOs, universities and private companies in a number of countries around the world.